Culture and science in choosing your own English through learning (pedagogical experiment)


Азаренкова Марина Ивановна


Педагогика и психология

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core of Personality
transmission of ideas and enthusiasm
the language usefulness in communica-tion
life way and achievements
A Personal health Passport
our mission as a happy chance to be useful
to win the day
identifying problems and propose possible solution
the personal sustaina-ble development
the laws of peaceful coexistence in and with the world

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Really, we invest a lot in students by means of right using English in all possible situations in teaching, training them to find out the most effective approaches to choosing own English treasures and discoveries while penetrating through language and yourself as an intellectual personality open to overcome obstacles on the way to prolonged personal perfection.

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«The Reward»

It is more important to tell the simple, blunt truth than it is to say things that sounds good. The group is not a contest of eloquence.

It is more important to act in behalf of everyone than it is to win arguments. The group is not a debating society.

It is more important to react wisely to what is happening than it is to be able to explain everything in terms of certain theories. The group is not a final examination for a college course.

The wise leader is not collecting a string of successes. The leader is helping others to find their own success. There is plenty to go around. Sharing success with others is very successful.

The single principal behind all creation teacher us that true benefit blesses everyone and diminishes no one.

The wise leader knows that the reward for doing the work arises naturally out of the work.

(Lao Tzu’s Tao Cbing Adapted for a New Age) [1, р.161].

Happiness of mutual understanding and personal perfection is directly connected with thinking about “the quality of our thoughts”, having much in common with the thoughts of those great, famous, unforgettable people, alive eternally in the world history, literature, science, medicine and education, culture and art. Not all people share some teachers’ position to improve the world by our own, even smallest efforts on the way to peace and self-estimation in every day work with the others. Science and scientific achievements of those the greatest ones play an important role in our everyday life, including teaching-learning and recognition of this stage of out life as the most important and essential in the process of personal establishment. The role of our own level of understanding everything taking place in our life and around, influencing our own process of surviving and establishments hardly to over-estimate. There is one more “hardly”, talented described by the scientists in accordance with personal development. “One can hardly overate (overestimate) their value, as we use the fruits of the progress every day without thinking” [2, p. 5]. The intellectual analyzing skills may be described from different approaches in educational scheme as those the most important features or personality’s development characteristics. Foreign language learning and using plays a tremendous role in understanding science as an engine of the world progress, expressed in exact and ambiquous language. Native language and foreign language for those involved.

Starting to teach English, we take into account there is no stupid or brilliant, silly or clever students, but smart and unique everybody, open to new knowledge and ready to share it with the others. The English language in creative communication with the students stimulates us all, involved, to learn the main principles of the learning- teaching, to think a lot, to read a lot, to get a source of power and a principle of power – not to stop in self-education ever [3, p. 20-21].

In according with pedagogical experiment we supposed the text should be read, translated and discussed by students from the point of view understandable science, not losing the features of science by everyone, being recognized absolutely only by those involved. The discussion happened to be very interesting and productive. So, “Soft and strong”.

“Water is fluid, soft and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard.

The wise leader knows that yielding overcomes resistance, and gentleness melts rigid defenses.

The leader does not fight the force of the groups’ energy, but flows and yields and absorbs and let’s go. A leader must endure a great deal of abuse. If the leader were not like water, the leader would break. The ability to be soft makes the leader a leader.

This is another paradox: what is soft is strong [4, p. 155].

An intellectual communication may be described by the words of a genius author, scientist and a teacher Champion Teutsch, who declared on some most important principles of intellectual teaching accordingly with intellectual mental and psychologically calm and comfort atmosphere of communication, when “our fear will be converted into confidence, failure into success, hate into love, lack into fulfillment and abundance, misery into happiness”. Happiness of mutual understanding and personal perfection.

The philosophy of Personal Life-Way recognition and Self-Realization, as the core of Personality on the Common Way, has been discussed at our seminars and adopted as a key of a communication up-today.

The next line-direction of our work with the English language is “My English portfolio”, as a list of personal achievements. Firstly we were interested in discovering right approaches to learning, rightly chosen attitude. The students learnt to know that effective actions and then- results arise out of a dear sense of being, acting and overcoming difficulties- being a good student, deserving be praised as a good student. An introduction part of a Personal Portfolio is “A personal Health Passport”. It relates to how we (the students) see ourselves as individuals: how our ego developed (the ego is that part of ourselves that needs to develop a sense of self and fulfilment), that we hope to achieve and how we define success for ourselves.

Teaching English is The Way of Life and Spirit of Living. As Insight. So, it influences directly to Learning English. As Terra Inspiration and Happiness.

Pedagogical experiment on analyzing skills formation observing and summarizing gives great opportunities of defining the most effective rational stages of the teaching process of analyzing skills forming in university classes and outdoor students’ practice. We can for ourselves endeavors with bring us ego satisfaction. As a result for self-estimation and self-understanding is the reward for Doing the Work, which arises naturally out of the work. As we all are team-players, the better is our team-players’ portfolio, the better is our personal’s one.

So, we improved our English, using a short guide in judging the “communicative value” of material as a resource to help us develop the students’ own communicative syllabus (later habits and skills). In short they may be defined as: Surviving and Basic Needs, Socializing and Metalinguistic, Professional and Cultural, Participating ones.

The teachers in Russia and abroad involved in the Program stress the most important items of the results gotten during and at the end of the project. Some of them are:

  1. First-hand knowledge of the country through the foreign peer participant;
  2. Expanding knowledge of own country during assignment execution;
  3. Development of writing skills;
  4. Vocabulary expansion;
  5. Improvement of computer skills (Power Point presentations, booklets, etc.);
  6. Information processing skills (search, processing, presentation);
  7. Development of critical thinking;
  8. Desire to share knowledge with those in a team, at a conference, in an article and a report;
  9. Feeling of pride and satisfaction for the completed work [5, p. 27].

The optional science of productive teaching-learning is the working centralized system of gotten knowledge united with professional block, intellectual methods of getting new information and habits to share it professionally and in elegant way. Possessing the main principles of communication in science and all spheres of society as humanism, reliability and high professional level, spirituality and kindness.

Resuming a list of our approaches to learning English as a science, the students answer the questions orally and in written form, summarizing new ideas, methods and means of their own understanding English as an effective tool in competent professional establishment:

  1. Why do science and scientific achievements play an important role in our everyday life?
  2. What modern conveniences do we usually use at home?
  3. Why do people call the 20th century the “Golden Age of civilization”?
  4. What is science?
  5. What does a scientist mean when he says that a book or a piece of work is «unscientific»?
  6. What are the “dark sides” of the progress”
  7. Did the progress of the 20th century make our life easier and happier?
  8. Is the word “civilization” synonymous to the word “culture”?
  9. Speak about the science of the future.

Computer programming and the theory of formal systems are to help science understanding while learning and using English. There are some sociological aspects of computerization, when the individual must be educated to stake his personal interests on the gains accuring to the whole educational work volume [6, p. 131].

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Азаренкова М. И. Culture and science in choosing your own English through learning (pedagogical experiment) // Актуальные социально-гуманитарные исследования и технологии : сборник научных трудов по материалам Международной научно-практической конференции 27 янв. 2021г. Белгород : ООО Агентство перспективных научных исследований (АПНИ), 2021. С. 55-58. URL:

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