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The way to making a personality in teaching and upbringing as leading without being possessive

A process of making a personality in teaching and upbringing without being possessive is worth of describing as an competence approach to education as a whole. Being a structural scheme (a program) of highly motivated learning and teaching from the both sides of participants, the process of cooperation-communication is oriented to close integrative activity in theory and practice. The core of the program is in a preliminary discussion the intellectual, emotional, cultural, social and professional possibilities of all participants for putting into operation of communication as making decisions, solving problems, creating different approaches to the data and resuming the final stage of the activity- process as overcoming and intellectual victory.

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working improvements scheme
psychological stability
a personality making process
strategic plan
fulfillment and abundance
learning to be helpful
study (work) experience
highest reliability
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«Take time to think. It’s a source of power»

«Don’t Stir Things Up.
Run the group delicately, as if you were cooking small fish.
As much as possible, allow the group process to emerge naturally. Resist any temptation to instigate issues or elicit emotions which have not appeared on their own.
If you stir things up, you will release forces before their time and under unwarranted pressure. They may be emotions that belong to other people or places. They may be unspecific or chaotic energies which, in response to your pressure, strike out and hit any available target.
These forces are real and exist within the group. But do not push. Allow them to come out when they are ready.
When hidden issues and emotions emerge naturally, they resolve themselves naturally. They are not harmful. In fact, they are no different from any other thoughts or feelings.
All energies naturally arise, take form, grow strong, come to a new resolution, and finally pass away»
The Tao of Leadership [1, p. 119]

For teachers a process of teaching is one of the most wonderful things that exist, if teaching is a vocation. Teaching as a vocation was given them as a great God’s treasure, and teachers must profit of every moment of communication with the students, because nobody know when it ‘ll finish/ Every teacher’s day should not pass without living any trace, but should be full of set aims and assignments accomplishments. When teaching is a vocation, it means a success in life, but needs may be gained in a hard work. Every moment of teaching means putting a target, and confidently moving toward it, not less. If teaching is a vocation, fortune protects educators from mistakes and helps them to find a correct solution in all situations of teaching and upbringing. The teachers’ intelligence is the best modality to achieve a true knowledge in their profession and good knowledge in life. Society believes in high skills of teachers as competent professionals to discover and overcome obstacles on the way to improving the world, in need of explaining the positive and negative features of extra speed in penetrating through information technologies, losing the gold traditional pedagogical methods of teaching for good. If it is irreversible process, new teaching must set a goal to keep, to save all the best from old school and contribute to achievements in detailed description for those interested all new findings of communicative effective activity of teachers and students in a common work in all-round harmonious development of high school’ improvement of effectiveness. It is to testify to education as national wealth, public development fund, form of personal development’ incentive, exercising meaning of good education as power of influence in a state of sustainable development. The very education, it’s level reflects the influence of national glory the modern specialist, interested in prolonging the best traditions or forgetting them as a citizen without mother land…Each teacher has end of itself, and it is not for his private aims, but for those determined by fortune to be in one command, group, team, crew with a high professional, knowing “What for? And How? “- in order not to leave our future behind.

 In practice common work of teachers and students is combined in some principles and rules. Let us name some of them: 1. Unity. 2. Self-determination. 3. Collective work and responsibility. 4. Creativity as purpose. 5. Faith – united in a structure of Principles for Purposeful Living; Rules for Living the Good Life includes: “Be grateful; Be smart; Be involved; Be clean; Be true; Be positive; Be Humble; Be still; Be prayerful.

 Taking into account multicultural student auditorium in action, the teachers may operate simple speech matrix, releasing the psychological atmosphere of communication at the very first stage of it. In the so called “Multicultural truth recommendations” we may read and use in communication:” Don’t complicate life. Missing somebody? Call. Want meet up? Invite. Want be understood? Explain. Have questions? Ask. Love someone? Tell them. See someone is in need? Help him.”

 So, the role of psychological following of communication is tremendous, not less. That is why it may be interesting and useful to read and discuss the situations from the lives of great well-known people, happened to appear in circumstances to overcome and win.

In accordance with educational purposes and goals of foreign language studies we proposed the students some situations should be understood from the position of mental explanation and common sense. Such approach had an aim to learn students to lead without being possessive but leading due to the laws of truth and respect for all those around in need and trouble. So, the examples for group discussion: 1. “I was raised to show respect. I was not dragged up. I was taught to knock before I open a door. Say “Hello” when enter the room. Say “Please”, say “Thank you” and show respect to my elders. I let another person have my seat if they need it, say “Yes, Sir”, and “No, Sir”, and help others when they need me to not stand on the side lines and watch. I will hold the door for others behind me and say:” Excuse me” should I need to pass. I love people for whom they are, not what I can get from them and most importantly, I was raised to treat people exactly how I would like to be treated by others. It’s called Respect. If you were raised in this way, you share this truth.” (Richard Gere). 2. “Intelligence, kindness, ability to sacrifice and the beauty – the man appreciate in women. That what women value in men. People are usually afraid of misunderstanding, coldness and callousness (черствость) of others, their own incompetence in some matters, death and poverty.” (Foreign psychologists). 3. “Truimph comes from two words - “Try” and “Umph”. If you treat an individual as he is, he will stay as he is; but if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be” (International truth). 4. Some rules for Family through building and maintaining its’ traditions and rules in order and calmness: “Our Life is always under construction. While building ourselves, we concern about Profession, Family, Duties, Mission, Motherland, Duties of the day, Qualification, Sense of Responsibility. Give happiness to people. Do something nice. Reach out. Give back. Remember to say “Please” and “Thank you”. Keep the spirit of the holiday season in your heart all your tong. Wish loved ones the warmth of good cheer, happiness, love and every joy of communication. Good Deeds go a long way. It is time to have a spirit of joining and giving. It’s time to hold the door open for a stranger, and its’ the perfect time to spread kindness and the best family values in your professional sphere of communication.” (Famous Russian psychologies) [2, p. 38]. All these advice are alive compound notions in a strong system of living process construction, oriented and directed to productive team work of teachers and students.

All these positions are responsible for guaranteed comfortable and calm atmosphere at working place and common desire of all those involved in the working process to share its results with approval and support each other. Such approach is effective enough to solve the tasks on preventing conflicts.

Let us repeat again and again the witty advice reliable absolutely in situation of communication teachers and students for the sake of “A Great personality open to win” ‘building up, constructing, designing, creating. Some of them are here:

  1. There is great beauty in simplicity. That which is simple is close to Truth.
  2. The less you speak, the more you are listened to.
  3. The most important virtue needed for self- transformation – is patience.
  4. Patience teaches us to pace ourselves.
  5. You are what you think. When you are angry, a great deal of energy is used up and wasted. Use energy wisely.
  6. When the mind is filled with virtues, they will be revealed in our actions.
  7. There will always be the opportunity to learn for those who desire it.
  8. If you realize that everyone is an individual with his own unique part to play, then the power of tolerance is easy to develop. Mistakes are caused by lack of attention, then there is tension.
  9. If I allow myself to be puffed up by praise and fame, then insult and deformation and will destroy me.
  10. Real power and authority is not power and authority over others, but over the self.
  11. Make effort to uplift yourself, do not degrade yourself, for one’s own self is one’s friend and one’s own self is one’s enemy.
  12. If you always do your best, you will be free from regrets [3, p. 183].

The quality of our life depends on the quality of our thoughts, determining our past, present and future from the position of our personal possibilities and opportunities, involved in mental and emotional sphere of our living on the base of open mind and heart, reliability in communication and responsibility in our profession. Always as vocation. Not less.

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