Reading as operational method of choosing sense of life and recognizing responsibility for living

The article describes some rational approaches to reading as an effective method of penetrating through the sense of Life, Universe and Human – beings’ content. Reading has been discussed from the position of scientific view to the educational process as a whole if it is organized maximally constructive and psychologically correct.

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a target
material conditions
opportunities and possibilities
competent action
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«Recognize achievement every day. Reward responsibility every hour».
«The students armed with information always win the battle».
«Every person is gifted in some area. We just have to find out what».
«Think only the best. Expect only the best. Work only the best».

It is not a secret that Life is the most wonderful thing that exists. It is impossible to imagine our life without language, as a tool, a means, a method, a way, etc. to express our attention to life as our fortune’ gift. We may succeed in life or not, but our language helps us to explain all findings and losses as necessary obligatory things we are to understand, overcome, admit or reject.

Our achievements and roles we play in the life directly connected with our childhood, characters, families, relationships, material conditions and so, so on. When adult we often associate our success with an excellent job or career, with the health and harmony, prosperity, material conditions and so on and so forth.

Success is something global, as opportunity to exist in harmony with oneself and the world. It is a very difficult task for people – to achieve success. One’s own success which does not destroy and damage the success of those around deserving it as well. If you like to attain a great success, you must know it needs to be gained in a hard work. If you want to achieve success you need work hard. You should put a target and confidently move towards it. And you’ll gain success in a hard work. It is normal and natural if you do not wait for success falling down from the sky without your efforts and hard work. Even a great volume of expensive presents from aside does not mean you are rich if you have no specific qualities as intelligence and fortune. What is intelligence? It is the best modality to achieve good knowledge in life to solve your problems independently. What is fortune? It is a block of opportunities and possibilities you are ready to estimate, to define, to imagine in the structure of integration and cooperation, to stress the most important features, items and stages in the process of connection and so on. In order to foresee the expected result and put opportunities as well as possibilities in rational productive effective and competent action in a right time in a right place [1, c.4, 11].

Be yourself always, armed with intelligence and personal moral qualities, and fortune will protect you from mistakes. As a great E. Kant ever said” Starry sky above me. Moral law inside me.” – follow the independence, education, professionalism, reliability, honesty and fight every day to achieve good results in your noble activity trying to be the first in overcoming obstacles. Choose the hardest one on your way to success, and you never meet opponents on.

Imagine you are a teacher, and your students ask you to help them to find the single, the unique, the most interesting and not very hard effective method of self-education. Such intention of those thought to penetrate through the unknown world without fear – admires teacher, supporting him in the rightness of the profession ever chosen by him as insight. Operational thinking helps a teacher to attract the students’ attention to magic sense and feeling of touching the unknown knowledge as a great And this gift is the way of opening the world’s magic discoveries by everyone who wishes to touch the Truth of living, creating and self-usefulness, as present, beautiful gift, the best in the life got ever. They are greatly interested in the way of learning the unknown world of human beings puzzles, questions and magic secrets of the world’, open only those Reading, ready to Read, open to Read, inspired by Reading. Reading is the beginning and the base of knowledge and penetrating through the real intellectual and sensitive core of Life. It is the single process of learning having no end in it at all. Reading always touches something more or less unknown to the moment of those Loving Reading start to recognize it as the best and, at the same time, the lightest labor in life, successful always. The Loving Reading people of different levels of education, personal features of character and nature, from different spheres of society, family traditions and habits of living in community, recognize it firstly as a truth or not, demands firstly to define the most effective strategic competences in living in order to become a winner in the space of living. Only the Reading process may be named as «operational definitions in choosing methods for understanding oneself and others» [2, c.23]. Everyone may feel oneself a teacher and a student at the same time, while Reading has been forming the research thinking of teachers as well as students. For teachers it means the professional ability to realize in practice of teaching and communication the functional and key skills of observing , summarizing and introducing the research method of coming forward, explain the operational definitions of the educational process and tools for productive logical stages and introducing them in the process with the help of the informative material as intellectual development basis, as truly research spectrum of personal responsibility as personality formation. Having place in books. Open to those reading. Understandable to those adoring reading as the most talented and interesting performance in the theatre of life [3, c.20-21].

Coming back to a Sense of Life, Immortal Tao of Leadership learn us, loving reading, what is «Freedom and Responsibility», the main words and notions having been discussed in books while reading. Tao says: «Keep in mind that Tao means how: how things happen. But how-things-happen is not the same as what –should – I do. No one can tell you what to do. That is your freedom. That is your responsibility».

Reading helps us to follow the main rules of life and find out our place in life in order to be in demand while we are alive and optimistic productive. Samuel Butler, writer, explains it so witty: «There are two great rules of life, the one general and the other particular. The first is that everyone can, in the end, get what he wants if he only tries. This is the general rule. The particular rule is that every individual is more or less on exception to the general rule».

A true, pure, honest and clever life may be formed and constructed due to reading, when the fruits of reading may be involved in a life of common sense, responsibility and intellectual knowledge, serving those around not less than oneself it possessing.

A brilliant idea never lives alone, there are many supporters and authors always. Our great poet Vladimir Vysotskiy in his «Ballade of Childhood» wrote about «books in need, books in demand, necessary books». And he was right for all times and all generations of loving reading. Why? Let us guess. Reading helps us to understand a simple and great truths, when all of them are great by definition in the process of our life. In order to overcome all obstacles on our way, to become and be reliable and open, witty and honest, useful and defenders for those around, we are Readers, we adore reading, we support reading, we declare reading as the best means to make our life unique and unforgettable.

«We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails», we read and agree, and support the main idea. Reading is our sails, romantic as well as reliable, when Life is A Beauty we have been knowing about during our life given to everyone as a gift.

While we are readers, we are armed with the best values of the Life and Universe, and it does not matter how old we are, from what countries did we come, what are our professions, are we married or alone, are we pessimists or optimists, young or old ones. We know what we know and what we would like to know, discovering ourselves every time with surprise, how much role in our life play such simple things of our activity, being truly techniques by sense: journal-writing, clustering, brainstorming, observation, and reading, reading. All these techniques tell us more about ourselves because they help us to understand ourselves better and uncover hidden thoughts, brilliant really sometimes… Each person is unique. No one acts the same or thinks the same. No one else had lived a life exactly like yours. That is why we remember that we can’t live eternally, but our thoughts, feelings, ideas, insights, experience and imagination may help the other people as source of an interesting experience to make their own life better, valuable for many people, many generations all over the world, open to knowledge through reading as one of the best mankind’s discoveries for eternity.

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