Organization, weapons and military equipment of a motorized rifle battalion unit


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This article provides information on the organization, weapons and military equipment of the Motorized Infantry Battalion.

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Three Motorized Rifle Company (Msr). It is a tactical unit that operates primarily as part of the Motorized Rifle Brigade (MCB). However, according to military experts, the company can operate autonomously in areas of activity such as intelligence and security. In addition, the Msr is a very effective tactical airborne attack or a special squadron at the enemy's rear.

The organizational structure of the motorized rifle battalion also includes.

Medical Center.

A platoon that communicates with the command and other military structures and structures.

Support platoon.

As part of the motorized rifle battalion, each of the above units performs specific tasks.

About the command. The organizational structure of the motorized infantry battalion envisages the presence of a commander, his deputy for personnel and deputy for weapons. The location of the Deputy Battalion Commander is the headquarters where he holds the position of Chief. In addition, the headquarters has a communications commander, a major general and a secretary.

About the structure of the signal platoon such a structure has at its disposal two armored vehicles or infantry fighting vehicles, 8,000 meters of cable and 22 units of radios. The staff of the special communication battalion of the motorized rifle brigade is as follows:

Squad leader. He is also a major radiotelephone operator-mechanic-driver of an armored personnel carrier or infantry fighting vehicle.

Two radio divisions (with a commander, a senior radio master of the first division, and a second senior radio operator).

The driver of the second car. In total, the communication platoon consists of 13 servicemen. About the lime battery. As part of the motorized rifle battalion, such a combat unit is equipped with: Battery management. Leadership is provided by the Commander, his Deputy for Personnel Affairs. In addition, the presence of a foreman, a sanitary instructor and a senior driver will be ensured. A reconnaissance platoon consisting of intelligence detachments and signalmen. Two fire platoons, each equipped with four 120 mm mortars. The mortar battery is serviced by 66 people. This military unit has four radio stations, a cable (4,000 meters), 8 mortars and 8 trucks. Sometimes the battalion includes a self-propelled "Nona" mortar battery. The unit is equipped with two platoons, each with Nona-S devices consisting of 4 weapons. According to experts, earlier it was planned to use mortars instead of mortars Khosta 2S34 howitzers – an upgraded version of the Carnations 2S1. The matter is currently being considered by the military leadership. The function of the mortar battery is to suppress and destroy enemy manpower and firearms, their location is open positions, trenches and excavation areas. Such a formation is able to work effectively on plots up to 4 hectares.

About the grenade squad. There is a platoon in the motorized rifle battalion, whose tasks include destroying enemy manpower and firearms outside the shelter. The staff includes the platoon leader and his deputy. In addition, the grenade launcher platoon has three squadrons with their own commanders, two large gunners, two grenade launchers, armored personnel carriers and drivers. The number of employees is 26 servicemen. The platoon has 30 mm AGS-17 grenade launchers (6 units) and BMP (3 machines).

Anti-tank platoon. Given that this unit stops an advancing enemy by firing a gun, their ability to fire is taken into account as a key indicator. They are represented by the number of enemy objects destroyed. The motorized rifle battalion strikes an average of 130 enemy infantry fighting vehicles and 80 tanks. If the ISB includes a tank company and a platoon of guided anti-tank missiles, that figure could rise to 120 tanks and 170 combat vehicles. Today, Russia has the most advanced weapons systems. On the composition of the battalion in infantry fighting vehicles.

About the composition of armored vehicles.

The motorized rifle battalion serves 539 people on an armored personnel carrier. Formation was completed with 6 9K111 “Fagot” (ATGM “F”) and 9 9K115 “Metis” (ATGM “M”). The BTR has Vasilek 2B9 and 2B9M mortars and three automatic 82 mm mortars at its disposal. It also provides the availability of 6 mortars of 82 mm caliber. The number of vehicles is 43 armored personnel carrier.

About the support platoon. The unit's responsibilities include maintenance and overhaul of battalion equipment. The 19-member auxiliary platoon is headed by the king (who is also the platoon commander) and his deputy, the squadron commander. The platoon includes the maintenance department, automobile and economic department. Over the years, this unit has been equipped with reconnaissance and engineer-sapper platoons. Today, such a composition is not provided. The structure of such a unit is limited to the following structures.

Finally, all forces and assets of different military units interact in combat situations. The complex organizational structure of the MSR and tank units is a clear example of this.

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