Mental unity of the educators' world in teaching understanding yourself as our students

Understanding yourself is one of the most difficult problems for all those interested in productive communication, understanding as predicting and forecasting the possible obstacles on the way of overcoming ; hearing and listening to what is being heard; looking at and seeing what is being seen; feeling for protecting, caring and saving; teaching yourself for presenting and introducing skills and habits of useful knowledge to those being taught and up-brought.

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ideal teaching working environment
taking care of needs
brainstorming options
productive communication
well-defined purposes
different approaches to language teaching
psychology of comfortable teaching process following
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«Misunderstanding can be erased by loveful, pure thoughts and making one to understand at the appropriate time».

«Do you UNDERSTAND the Tree of Life or you simply STAND UNDER it’s branches?»

«There are two things ACTION and the IMPACT behind the action. Even

if the action is ordinary, the impact must be positive, productive and creative».

Indian Wisdom

When we say about teachers and teaching, we take into account “old and new ones” scientists and educators including to the modern world “educational landscape”. The ability to include old Russian methodic into the whole world pedagogical science is a good idea, proved its fruitfulness and productivity in many possible spheres of international communication of foreign teachers and students with Russian ones- conferences, competitions, distant role -plays, art-events, common participation in scientific research and working-up the problems having world significance for all people of the modern world.

 The practice of Life shows that Teaching as a process is the closest one to all spheres of human beings life stages as living itself, acting, dreaming, loving, working, creating, feeling, surviving and saving and so on. The very these items being summarized denote the process of Personality’ developing to the level of to Understanding yourself. This level may be different in accordance with difference of people. In spite of the fact all of us have much in common, everyone is unique and single being surrounded by a crowd of pretended to be like he (she).

All problems of a contemporary world are linked through their origins- the task of maintenance the world as a value. It means for teachers (first of all for them) to imagine all taught as unique values for safety living and saving the personal treasures for the future generation. Mental, psychological, emotional stability in one link mean the vital base for surviving mental culture for the sustainable world of common values for the sake of development. Mental world “is to contribute to the intellectual mental and psychologically safety approach to teaching and upbringing those ready to keep the living foundation. As academic Lichachev ever said”; “No nations are worse or better. All nations are the best in the face of eternity – our future for our next generations”- is a true for all times and all society. The idea about mental thinking not only in accordance with teaching and quality parenting itself, but in a wide range. As far as mental intellect forming (teachers as well as students) is concerned, the confidence – building idea of our English colleagues is alive and very effective. The point of the idea is to let each student opportunity of bringing his or her own positive contribution to the process of mentally and emotionally improving the world in need. And it means care of yourself and the others with the help of ordinary everyday possible activity known to everybody and operating own mental thinking as foreseeing and preventive ability to act reasonable, responsible and professionally correct in all situations observed, realized or imagined.

What does it mean – mental understanding yourself as your students, if you are a teacher? It means recognizing the importance of such items as: possibility and ability to take part in Optional extras – psychometric and your future career (chosen independently!) test; knowing what do you want out of life; your skill (or desire , or intention) to define your long-term plan; your usual (as routine) relationship with friends, parents, colleagues, well-known people, unknown people, young and old people, children; your dreams and seeing ideal working environment for your work – team and for yourself personally; a list of your interests and passions; the way of your taking care of yourself; a clear knowledge about what do you value; what are brainstorming options for you; the way you define and recognize ( and is ready to defend and introduce) your top skills and strengths; your opinion about evaluating options. Observing such picture of alarm the teachers become the most important and demanded representatives of the society ready to discover to us there is a sense and need to reflect on that. A new approach to mental thinking in teaching is to prepare for those taught to the mental understanding yourself as thinking, following the activities easy to use. What should teachers and students in their common work take into account while forming and strengthening mental thinking while communicating for the sake of understanding more about themselves? In individual personal work and in a common team-work there are some moments to be taken into account as necessary ones. They are like these: overcoming fear and risk in the process of teaching and upbringing as a communicative one; finding the right motivation and attitude for a team; finding your own motivation; identifying obstacles exercises; finding the time and momentum to make all the necessary witty and useful happen; try to prove mentally and morally correct while thinking about useful and productive qualitive working “If not now, when?’’ The very teachers’ experience all over the world demonstrates attempts and efforts to make the world better. It is possible when there are a) advanced theories of teachers’ methods; b) quantitative analysis of scientific research data on the item “self-understanding as world demand” (from the point of view of usefulness of a personality in the sphere it had been taught and upbrought); c) contemporary self-understanding theory. And above all one have to understand “The only definite thing about human beings is that they change” (Indian wisdom). Let they change in communication with witty teachers.

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