Communication without borders through eternal values in education


Азаренкова Марина Ивановна


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moral development
psychological development
perspective technologies
universal approach

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This article discusses the importance of providing stable educational opportunities that focus on intellectual, moral, and psychological development in the modern world. The research emphasizes the responsibility of parents and teachers to recognize children as individuals in their own rights and to guide them with a sense of accountability and humility.

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“Creativity is the act of bringing something new into the world, whether a symphony, a novel, a supermarket or a new casserole. It is based first on communication with oneself, then testing that communication with experience and reality”
(S.I.Hayakawa, American educator)

 “The search of SELF requires True to the self”
 “Where WISDOM is called for, force is of little use”
 “The one who knows how to adjust is one who knows how to alive”
 “Love is Universal. It has no limits”
 “Make effort to up lit yourself; do not degrade yourself, for one’s own self is one’s friend and one’s own self is one’s enemy”
 “The more love you give, the more you receive; the more you have, the easier it becomes to give”
 (Indian Wisdom)

While looking at the modern world of changes we can notice the necessity of using performencing intellectual, moral and psychologically stable educational opportunities. We are to take part into account the treasures, traditions and educational findings of intercultural community of teachers, involved the process under the slogan “Not leave our future behind”. If we start with discussing the term “children”, as a simple word and as a whole world, we may use phrase “We all are children in the face of eternity.” From this point of view, the teachers are to recognize children as a gift and responsibility. First children, being bringing into the world, are in our care, but we, as teachers, do not own them. The parents and teachers understand those unrough and taught as individuals in their own rights, ready to blossom into what they will become. Best of all said about it Kharil Gibran, explaining that every parent and teacher (later), is responsible for what the opportunity to give children and young people to guide them as they grow into adulthood. The adults do not want to impose their viewpoints on those upbrought, because the parents and teachers are to raise those raised and taught to form their own values with a sense of accountability and humility.

The very process is very hard and responsible. It is very right described by Kharil Gibran, we’ve mentioned already:

“Your child are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

They come through you, but not from you.

And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,

For they have their own thoughts.

You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,

which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you,

For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday…’’ [1, p.4].

In order to organize the educational process most effectively we are to define the main our teachers’ goals and directions of our combined efforts on the way to improving the sphere of education, the schedule of everyday practice and personal aims of those teaching and taught.

The task is not a new one. It includes a lot of interesting ideas and findings, being discovered by teachers of different countries. There are many interesting articles on this theme in the International Teacher’ Journal for many years, discussed and presented in the course of international conferences in Russia, Poland, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Republic Sakha Yakutia, Sweden, India, Belorussia, Finland, Samarkand, the USA and so on. Saying about today we mean our more active transition to a principally new personally focused model of teacher’s training. It includes the renewing of structure, maintenances of educational values, the further development of perspective technologies for teaching general subjects from the position of their common scientific core and common features in Universal approach.

The modern world today is overloaded with different approaches to values, and the teachers’ task is to define exactly correct common eternal values as peace, love, high professionalism in one’s chosen speciality, family caring values, education, cooperation and communication of people different nationalities, cultures and countries. Saying about global teachers’ task in this process we mean the main point as realizing the global meaning of eternal values in all subjects for establishing of logical connection between all of them. Only such approach can contribute really to making the very teaching and upbringing process fruitful. Under such definition we understand to make the whole process fruitful due to common sense as a one of the principal positions, intellectual stability and moral humanistic features in the course of communication’ practice.

The teachers’ task is to involve students in the process of tutoring, training, coaching – teaching for the sake of maintenance of the very foundations - the values and traditions of generations, being eternally united and forever in a close connection of cultures, national traditions, intellectual inventions and soul findings.

Pedagogical experiment makes possible for wide involving in the pedagogical process some effective sample questions for personal experience sharing. Being given to our students, the questions allow participants to learn from others’ spiritually and to reflect on their own beliefs. They are:

  • What makes you smile, what makes you feel alive, what touches you?
  • What puts you in a bad mood, makes you angry and difficult to communicate with?
  • Can you describe some of the things that happen to you when you feel good?
  • Can you describe what goes wrong when you feel down?
  • Do you think there is any relation between how you feel inside and how you communicate with others?
  • Can your relation with others help you feel better inside? [2, p.67].

Everybody goes along the path of knowledge, education and self-education, exercises Wisdom. There are many people on that path – students and teachers among them, having as much in common and being so different. They are to establish themselves with wisdom constantly - being protected as moral personalities in the Face of Etrenity. For teacher – Wisdom or practice and activity – personal, as insight, and combined, as a group experience in accordance with Nature and Common sense, with moral principles and eternal values in dealing with positive demands of the modern world. The works of Pavel Florenskiy help people, especially, teachers, open up to each other and recognize the “group field” and its significance in self-building and self-understanding. The group spirit is what we focus on. It determines the nature of group – field. Teachers’ speech and actions are figural events, giving the group forms and actions in accordance with personal decisions, intentions and feelings.

Having overcome the worst difficulties of life by his unique personality, Pavel Florensky, (the best teacher among the best ones!) proved his ability to lead without being possessive and coercive, remaining down to Earth and its demands.

His best lesson for and to teachers of the world is in recognition of the way to the core of personality. The quality of thoughts of wise teachers makes them able to remain relaxed even in the hardest circumstances. The teachers’ high quality of thought in the students’ group is not less than art of living and creating. The teachers, forming values in communication and values of communication for the sake of maintaining the eternal values of mankind, do not protect themselves from others, but help the enriching them and themselves morally and mentally. Pavel Florensky proved that teachers’ work is our path and our contribution to the common good. Real power comes through cooperation and communication. Teachers and students, as all people, must be principle-centered for the sake of negotiation, helping others by helping ourselves [3, p.467].

Only communication of teachers and students on the base of high principles of wisdom, morals, ethical and spiritual values are able to construct intellectual society for future generations. “The Truth is that Truth is” (Indian Wisdom).

Список литературы

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Азаренкова М. И. Communication without borders through eternal values in education // Культура, экономика, право и политика в эпоху турбулентности : сборник научных трудов по материалам Международной научно-практической конференции 26 апр. 2023г. Белгород : ООО Агентство перспективных научных исследований (АПНИ), 2023. С. 25-28. URL:

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