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A group discussion as a work form and psychological method for sustainable multi...

A group discussion as a work form and psychological method for sustainable multi-cultural education stability


Азаренкова Марина Ивановна


Педагогика и психология

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a group discussion
readiness to be useful
the contest of innovative teaching
general principles of consulting
mental experience
individual’s sustainability

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Psychological approach to education through introduction in the process of teaching a group discussion as a method and means of international multicultural communication, requires a sustainability of the intellectual world development oriented to progress in peaceful coexistence.

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«A good group is better than a spectacular group.

 When leaders become superstars, the teacher outshines the teaching. Very few superstars are down-to-earth. Fame breeds fame,

And before long they get carried away with themselves. Then they fly off center and crash.

 The wise leader settles for good work and then lets others tave the floor. The leader does not take all the credit for what happens and has no need for fame.

 A moderate ego demonstrates wisdom».

John Heider. The Tao of leadership

Understanding of Human being is a long process, the people have been overloading for the whole period of their living time. Some of them recognize their own life as a mission they have to follow during their life as useful activity for the sake of somebody or something. The aims and goals may be high from ethic and moral position, some may be rather primitive, oriented to personal satisfaction as gotten results supporting living tasks for surviving. The both categories have something in common. And this is the very society, regulating this or that intentional (valuable) list of those living, needed support, rules, orders, praise, approval or rejection. The very process takes place in communication of a number of layers of society itself, and individuals as creators of the layers bases.

 Psychological approach to communication at all stages is maximally effective. It starts in early period of communication through very nature having features of early education, in childhood. It is the wisdom of Life in it, when every moment of living becomes a moment of education. The very then the human beings are very positive in favoring a human relationship, recognizing it or not. The comfortable sphere of communication does not press a child and will allow him to continue to grow physically and psychologically.

This essential remark ought to be taken into account when we deal with definition of the first stage of a group discussion communication. It is like that because we see repeated experience of separation (individual) and attachment (group), allowing to those involved in the process. growing physically and psychologically, include mental and sensible items in the process of intellectual development.

The wisdom of life is in its prolonged ability to repeat experience, discover the advantages of all the life’s moments. Continuously being reassured that some of the important points of reference from the past become present and are still present.

The communication itself is activity of groups, less or more being united by concrete tasks, aim and goals of communication, cooperation and integration.

The science described the process of “a group in discussion” communication as hemispheres (from the position of mental recognition and social understanding! so various), capable of wonderful collaboration and share information through the fibres connecting them”. An intuitive insight can be translated into a logical verbal sequence which makes communication with others possible, and a better form of consciousness within ourselves. Verbal expression can also be translated into a graphic image and, if the image is well executed, it can be an even more powerful means of communication than the words themselves.” (Understanding the Human Being, the USA).

 As the first period of the personality’s establishing is not very long, every moment of different groups discussion in a team work is essential and unforgettable.

This approach comes from double human reality in education as prolonged process since the birth till the death. Each member of the team ready to take part in a group discussion of the urgent questions, problems, situations, etc., must put into action serious consideration to the fact that we have a “a double mind”, reason and feelings, intuition, foreseeing, memories, fears, personal aims and vision of a “ right life’. A work in a command as teaching “a group discussion” by definition is very productive, because offered a balanced experience of verbal and causes personal intuitive thinking of participants to help them develop the great potential of their mind. The results are individual (personal) and collective (public) at the same time, because the methods of teaching not only include better functioning of the brain, but also greater happiness, assurance, self-estimation, self-recognition and responsibility for correct way of thinking! In the participants’ personal, and, later, social life while educating (learning, training, studying). The group’ communication is a core of upbringing, starting in the family and prolonging at all stages of educating as copying with taught through Psychology of personal carrying and education in group discussion work

Group discussion work as phenomenon of wellbeing in educating process is a completed perfect complex-system-state of conditions, circumstances, possibilities and opportunities, intellectual and moral world-conception items, guaranteeing people freedom from fears of any kind, sense of stability, readiness to be useful.

 Psychological method of a group discussion teaching being introduced in the process of education we called “a hypothesis of self-improvement”.

 The first step in the procedure we mean “The recognition “a group discussion” as a work form and psychological effective approach to productive teaching. The scheme of the studies had been worked out. The first stage as a preparotatory process was very important.

 A detailed plan for a group discussion by thinking, talking, reading about the topic and listening to materials had been prepared and put into teaching process. Due to the general idea everyone must think, talk and read about the topic before the discussion takes place. When the topic is announced, the participants are to think about it, be ready to express their opinion, prove, on what evidence their opinion is based.

The most difficult part of the work was to talk to others about it, discuss it with friends, groupmates, parents, some authority on the subject. Then it was necessary to change the previous opinion in the light of new evidence.

The preparatory process is very effective by definition. The students consult reference books, recent publications and magazine articles.

It was very interesting for participants to define for yourself and yourself in a group duties of participants in a group discussion and all speakers’ ones. A special attention was paid to a chairman role and individual speech. A chairman should know the subject thoroughly, make a brief introductory statement, introduce the speakers to the audience, ask questions to stimulate discussion, see everyone that a chance to speak, summarize the discussion and thank the audience and the speakers. Each member of the audience was ready to show the subject thoroughly, listen intelligently, be ready to accept listening different viewpoint, speak so that everyone can hear, recognize and acknowledge the truth of what others say, being always polite and remembering that sarcasm is out of place. The main feature of a group and every participant is self-control as a mark of maturity, focus on the main issues, speaking audibly, looking deeply interested in the topic being discussed.

We adopted Psychological memorandum of a group discussion, including three parts:

1. A psychological portrait of a participant

2. The Program of Action for the near future

3. Personal Problem-solving skills and dealing with responsibility (charge) curriculam.

The desirable results of a such kind practice in a group discussion are like these: sense of power, feeling important, feeling loyal, self-confidence, feeling valued-respected, feeling accepted, being assertive, being self-disciplined, managing conflict affectively, feeling competent to make decisions, being able to give and receive, feeling useful, accepting responsibilities, having broad range of emotions, feeling connected, feeling trusted and so on…

Some problem-solving skills and dealing with charge required in the process of a work in a team of a group discussion we consider being the most important are:

– I can identify problems and propose possible solutions.

– I can find and use a range of information from different sources

– I can distinguish between facts and opinions

– I can evaluate different solutions to a problem and select the best one.

– I can be positive when faced with a new situation that is difficult

– I can show I have the strength to adapt to a major charge.

So, we achieved some tops of our plan. We discussed fundamental properties of some fundamental pedagogical science items. It was necessary to describe the kinetic theory of the process of communication and principles of fruitful communication, obtaining sustainable starting equations as optimal measures of arising and development of original natural abilities of those taught in innovative conditions of modern educational demand”.

“A good boss makes his men realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could.” Charles Erwin Wilson.

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Азаренкова М. И. A group discussion as a work form and psychological method for sustainable multi-cultural education stability // Социально-гуманитарные проблемы современности : сборник научных трудов по материалам Международной научно-практической конференции 24 апр. 2020г. Белгород : ООО Агентство перспективных научных исследований (АПНИ), 2020. С. 73-75. URL: https://apni.ru/article/651-a-group-discussion-as-a-work-form-and-psychol

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